Tree Pruning (lopping) by Qualified Arborist, by climbing or use of Cherry picker

Looking for a high reach tree works (Tall pruning) specialist?  Need to remove Tall dead tree, high positioned dead branches?

Happy new year everyone!  We are looking forward to assisting new and existing clients in 2019.

Have you noticed during this holiday that your tall tree has over grown and it looked much taller and out of control?  Do you have a dangerous dead tree hanging over shed and need to remove it before it’s too late?  Some trees can be climbed but others cannot be climbed depending on tree’s status, location, size and many other factors.  At NJPS Tree Service, we can assess the situation and offer best possible options for you with competitive price.  Our Qualified Arborist Nick can climb up the tree as a professional climber and remove trees or branches safely and skillfully section by section.  Or as a fully equipped operator, we can use our cherry picker for tall high pruning and get job done safely.  We are a small but professional team with experience and latest equipment.  This is why NJPS Tree Service can offer a professional service.

We offer tree removal, tree Pruning(lopping), tree felling, high reach work (Tall pruning), tree trimming, stump grinding, wood chipping, Light land clearing for commercial customers and residential customers. We are an one stop shop for your tree removal works. To experience our service, call us for obligation free quote and discuss your needs today.