Why it's important to hire a Qualified Arborist - Pruning must be carried out with correct techniques.

Arborist is a trade which requires to complete minimum AQF Level 3 qualification, and it is an occupation which is listed under Australian government’s skills priority list (skill shortage).


Lopping or Topping is not considered as acceptable practice, because it will lead to increased shoot production, which means regrowth is weak but becomes out of control. It will lead to other problems such as decay, split, death of branches, and looking unattractive. This will end up with unnecessary maintenance or unwanted removal, which cost you more.  Not anyone can prune trees with correct techniques. There are different methods of pruning to suit species, situation and health status.  This is why there is a shortage of good arborist.  It is important to hire qualified arborist who is hands on with extensive knowledge.  Our arborist Nick does, not only inspect trees for quote but also carries out actual pruning or removal job every day more than 10 years.  We do not just chop and cut down.  We carry out pruning and removal in correct, highly skilled and safe manners.


If you want to know more about pruning your trees in correct way, make an appointment by calling our office on 0400 264 028 during our customer contact hours or enquire via our website.  Our owner operator Nick is a Qualified Arborist and a Queensland Arboricultural Association member.  We hold an arborist specific insurances for your peace of mind.