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NJPS Tree Service is owned and operated by a Qualified Arborist with more than 10 years of experience. We’ve handled plenty of dangerous tree removals, including high reach & tight access tree work by either professional climbing or licensed cherry picker operation. We’ve also performed lot clearing, wood chipping, stump grinding, vegetation management and more on domestic and commercial properties across Carindale and other South Brisbane areas. Our tree removal and lopping experts are fully insured and trained, and offer quality workmanship. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service, so you can be sure that you’ll get the best experience from us, whatever your arboricultural needs may be!


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The necessity of vegetation management, tree removals & tree lopping

It is very important to manage vegetation by tree removal or tree lopping.  Complete tree removal may not necessary be a best solution all the time.  Sometimes regular tree management by applying crown lifting or crown reduction is all you need, which will not give you a dramatic change but continue to give you natural, safe and cooler environment. Depending on situation, your needs, and purpose in conjunction with safety, environmental & climate needs, and regulations, we can offer you the best possible solution in tree removal, tree lopping, and lot clearing.

NJPS Tree Service will send a representative to your property to assess your potential arboricultural hazards and needs, and discuss our findings and suggestions with you. We could help you to reduce the risk of tree-related injuries and property damage with tailored tree services.


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Need tree removal and lopping services in Carindale?

We can help take the hassle out of keeping your property safe. NJPS Tree Service visits residential and commercial properties throughout Carindale and other South Brisbane areas to analyse situations and find efficient solutions, no matter the job. Call 0400 264 028, email, or contact us online.