NJPS Tree Service
Specialise in Tree pruning
to enhance tree value, health & safety
environmental & ecological benefits.

Tree Pruning
Tree lopping, Tree trimming
Tree Removal, Tree Planting
Tree Assessment, Arborist Report, Level 5 Consulting and
more Tree Services

Inner Brisbane suburbs and south
Your experienced Arboricultural service
(tree service) provider
A Qualified Arborist
(AQF Level 5 & AQF Level 3)
Fully insured. Skilled professional Arborist
in both trade and consulting levels

Quality workmanship
Our arborist provides high quality, professional Arboricultural services (tree services) with quality workmanship, servicing commercial properties, industrial complexes, Body corporate complexes, investment properties and residential properties in inner and south Brisbane suburbs such as Mount Gravatt, Wynnum, Sunnybank and surroundings. Arboricultural services we offer are both practical and consulting services. Our arborist specialises in technical Tree Pruning (Tree lopping) & trimming in accordance with the Australian standard, by use of cherry picker or by professional climbing. Our arborist also offers Tree removal, when considered necessary subject to species, tree status, property zoning, landscape character, environmental & ecological benefits and other factors. Mulching, Stump grinding, Levelling, Planting are offered mostly in conjunction with tree removal. Our arborist’s consulting services include Tree assessment, Tree management, Arborist report and Level 5 site supervision/certification. We have the skills, experience and commercial equipment for the job.

NJPS Tree Service

Professional, Dedicated, Experienced Arborist with high quality customer service.

NJPS Tree Service is a registered Arboricultural services (tree services) company with over 15 years’ experience servicing inner Brisbane suburbs and South Brisbane such as Mount Gravatt, Wynnum, Sunnybank and surrounds for investment & residential properties, and commercial & industrial properties. We aim to assist to enhance a green environment by managing and protecting trees to maintain harmony with surroundings.

We specialise in a range of services, including:


  • Tree pruning (Specialised pruning)
  • Tree removal (subject to species, tree status and various other conditions – see above.)
  • Tree trimming
  • Tree shaping
  • Tree planting (minimum requirements apply)
  • Tree management
  • Stump grinding
  • Wood chipping
  • Levelling
  • (Tree lopping – People commonly call this name but lopping is not an acceptable method. We can explain to you further upon inspection.)
  • Protected vegetation works (in accordance with council permit and requirements)
  • Arboricultural assessment (tree assessment)
  • Arboricultural consultation (Assistance with NALL permit & Council’s compliance notice. Site supervision/certification)
  • Arborist report

We provide complete arboricultural services, in both practical trade and consulting levels, with a key focus on providing exceptional quality, workmanship and high level of customer services. You can deal with professional, local Qualified Arborist (AQF Level 5 & AQF Level 3) when you contract NJPS Tree Service. Our owner operator, Qualified Arborist holds extensive experience and knowledge gained through his practical work as a qualified trade level Arborist (AQF Level 3) over years as well as through daily assessment and management of trees over years with further trainings for consulting level Arborist (AQF Level 5). Our arborist can explain and offer comprehensive information because of his long practical experience, understanding of tree health, condition, form, structure, impact and best possible methods to protect and retain trees or techniques to remove trees to avoid future hazard. We have dealt with council and relevant authorities for many years, and understand and follow legislations. Call our office on 0400 264 028 to enquire how our qualified arborist can assist you. Our Arborist can provide specialised and technical tree services and advice. If you are looking for an established, professional Arboricultural services (tree services) provider with many repeat and referral clients in commercial and residential sectors, then look no further than NJPS Tree Service.

Experience Our Comprehensive Arboricultural Services (Tree Services)

Join our happy customers

Could not be happier with the service that NJPS have provided on more than one occasion. We will be contacting them for all future jobs.

- Kirsten

Wishart (Residential & Commercial customer)

Nick is a true tree professional providing an excellent service, from the initial on-site inspection, performing the work, through to the final tidy clean up. As a fully qualified arborist with many years in the business, he knows trees and their management.

- Paul

Eight Mile Plains (Residential customer)

Extremely well set up and professional.

- B.L.

Cannon Hill (Residential customer)

Book quote for tree pruning (Tree lopping), Tree removal & Tree Services or enquire about Tree assessment, consulting & Arborist report today.

Our owner operator & a Qualified Arborist (AQF Level 5 & AQF Level 3) Nick can visit properties throughout Inner Brisbane suburbs and South Brisbane such as Mount Gravatt, Sunnybank, Wynnum to discuss your needs and inspect trees. Call our office 0400 264 028 or contact us by clicking below. We will contact you upon receiving your enquiry.