Terms & Conditions

Important information

NJPS Tree Service Pty Ltd is a registered Australian company (ACN 620376892, ABN 86949710411).  Our business is managed and operated by Owner operator/Arborist (Director) and Owner/Office administrator (Director).  Owner operator has been operating business for over ten years.


Our customer phone contact hours are 9am – 2:30pm Monday to Thursday. Although our office staff is present out of these hours to process administration work, phone is not monitored out of these hours.  If you contact us out of these hours, please leave message or send us an email, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.  If you would like to speak to our arborist direct, please contact our office and our arborist will contact you when he is not at job site.  We do not give our arborist’s direct contact number to customers for safety at job site.


Please read important information regarding quote, payment, booking, rescheduling, cancellation, council approval, stump grinding works, before & after works, and Communication.


Assessment & Quote


Because all jobs are different in size, tree’s health status, situation and location of trees, access, required time, required equipment & methods (by professional climbing or use of licensed EWP operation, skills required to bring down branches/trunks) and staffing, it is important for us to see the actual trees and situation for assessment so that we can give you an accurate quote.  NJPS Tree Service attends the site for Free Assessment and Quote for all Tree removal & Tree lopping services.


We request the owner of the trees/property (payer) to meet our arborist on site upon quote.  If the owner lives interstate or outside of Brisbane/local area (or for any other reasons), and cannot meet on site upon quote, we will require to be able to communicate over the phone (not just by email) with the owner  unless there is an appointed local legitimate representative (e.g., real estate agent). We do not deal with tenant directly when it comes to job request unless we can communicate with owner or real estate agent.


We will produce a written quote by email generally within 3 business days (unless advised otherwise) of attending the site.  Validity of quote is shown on our quote depending on a type and situation of required job.


Site visit for quote is done by our Qualified arborist/owner operator Nick, who also carries out the job.  He can explain, answer your questions, and offer any suggestions during site inspection for quote.  For our record and to produce accurate quote, in most cases we would take photos of trees and areas.  Due to job schedules and commitment, if we cannot arrange mutually suitable time for site visit, sometimes another staff will visit site and fill in our assessment form and take photos which will be later reviewed by our arborist. Depending on the type of job and location of trees, we may ask you to send us a photo to see if we could give an indicative quote based on photos, however arborist may still visit site after viewing photos.  We prefer to visit site to check trees for accurate quote and meet you to discuss your needs on site.


We must ask all parties involved to be present upon quote (e.g. husband & wife, partners, neighbour/s if it involves neighbour/s) to avoid misunderstanding between involved parties of request of job details.  When this is not possible, we must arrange a quote based on the request from the representative of all parties involved.


We are aware that tree work by a qualified arborist is not cheap.  This is because Arborist is a professional trade, and work involves special skills & techniques, height, dangerous and physical works, use of professional machinery, staffing and so forth.  Our arborist will work out price to present a quote to you by considering all factors involved to complete requested job safely.  Quoted price is the best price we can offer after all consideration.


Quote and other documents produced by NJPS Tree Service


Unauthorised use, copy or distribution of any documents including Quote, Invoice, report, email and other documents produced by NJPS Tree Service are not permitted.  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation to protect us, a legitimate & qualified arborist business.




NJPS Tree Service accepts payment by Cash, Eftpos, and Credit card (Visa or Master card only) for non-commercial customers.    Deposit is required upon booking and balance payment is required on the day of job completion.  Customers are required to be at job site when the job is about to finish so that work can be checked and payment can be finalised.  If no one can attend site on job date at the end of job, full payment is required upon booking/prior to job date.



In the case that the owner lives interstate or outside of Brisbane/local area (or for any other reasons), and the owner cannot meet with arborist face to face on site at the time of quote, full payment is required upon booking to schedule job.  This does not apply to interstate/nonlocal owners who have a legitimate representative on their behalf such as real estate agent.


We require deposit for all customers at the time of booking. Please see below for details of deposit.


Quoted price up to $1000 inc GST: $100 deposit at the time of booking

Quoted price from $1001 to $2000 inc GST: $200 deposit at the time of booking

Quoted price from $2001 to $5000 inc GST: $500 deposit at the time of booking

Quoted price from $5001 to $7000 inc GST: $1000 deposit at the time of booking

Quoted price from $7001 inc GST and over: To be advised upon issue of quote


Deposit payment can be made by either (1)Bank transfer directly to NJPS Tree Service’s bank account (No surcharge), (2)Credit card over the phone directly to NJPS Tree Service (No surcharge). (3)Bpay via MYOB AUSTRALIA PTY LTD PAYBY SERVICES (online invoice payment.  2% surcharge applies which will be added to balance), (4)Credit card via MYOB AUSTRALIA PTY LTD PAYBY SERVICES (online invoice payment. 2% surcharge applies which will be added to balance). Please provide a receipt/reference number, or a proof of bank transfer of deposit payment.


Deposit is for scheduling purpose and it is refundable if you notify us of cancellation at least 3 business days (during business hours 9am – 2:30pm Monday to Thursday) prior to initial scheduled job date. Receipt will be issued for deposit payment for your record.  By paying deposit, you are accepting quote, and you have read, understood, and accepted our terms and conditions.


Balance is due on the day of job completion by making payment directly to arborist on site.  We accept balance payment by cash, Eftpos or credit card.


Regular & Approved private and commercial customers are generally excluded from deposit requirement, however it is assessed and advised on case by case basis.  Deposit requirement is advised at the time of quote.


If quoted price include any purchase of materials or hire of special machinery, deposit amount will be different from above listed and cancellation notice of minimum 5 business days (during business hours 9am – 2:30pm Monday to Thursday) prior to scheduled job date is required.  This will be advised upon quote.


For commercial customers, we accept payment by bank transfer, Eftpos, credit card and Cash on the day of completion of the job. Invoice with term payment is accepted for approved regular commercial customers only, who have a prior agreement in place.


For any customers, if full payment is not made upon completion of job or any set due date, Late fees 2% daily will be charged for outstanding amount. If customer does not agree to pay overdue amount after notice, we will advise you of necessary procedures we will have to go through.


Once quote is agreed and accepted by you and booking is made, we cannot accept negotiation by you to alter the price.  If any additional work is requested after acceptance of quote, we have to give you further quote for additional work requested.

Once work is commenced, you are liable for full/balance payment.  There is no refund once job is carried out and completed as agreed in the quote.


We are aware that tree work by a qualified arborist is not cheap because of the reasons mentioned in previous section, Assessment & Quote.  It is important for you to make a booking only after you consider your financial situation.  If you share the cost with neighbour, you must agree and sort out financial arrangement with neighbour before making a booking and advise us of payer’s details at the time of booking by filling in our consent form.  Once you accept quote and make a booking, we cannot alter price even if you do not have enough funds to pay on completion.


Booking, rescheduling and cancellation by you


To make a booking, please contact us by phone or email.  We will send you booking details and invoice for deposit payment.  By paying deposit, you are accepting quote, and you have read, understood, and accepted our terms and conditions.


Please make a deposit payment at the time of booking.  If the job involves neighbour/s (e.g. you requested quote and made a booking on behalf of your neighbour for works on trees which are located in neighbour’s property.), we have to ask you and all parties involved to fill in a consent form upon booking which confirms your neighbour (owner of the tree) agrees with the work requested, and also confirms who is paying for the job.


Job date cannot be confirmed till deposit is received.


If your plan changes and you need to reschedule or cancel, please contact us as soon as you know.  Please contact us for any change or cancellation latest 3 business days (during business hours 9am – 2:30pm Monday to Thursday) prior to your scheduled job dateIn case the job involves a hire of special equipment or purchase of any materials, which is advised upon quote, any change or cancellation must be notified at least 5 business days (during business hours 9am – 2:30pm Monday to Thursday) prior to your scheduled job date.  If you cancel on the day of the job for any reasons other than bad weather or a reasonable reason, we will need to charge cancellation fee/call out fee.  Cancellation fee/call out fee varies depending on what’s involved in the job and its size, but it will be loss of deposit and call out fee (maximum call out fee is $500) plus materials purchased if any.  This is because we organise staff (subject to job size) and equipment prior to job date, and we hold a spot for your booking, and purchase materials if any.  Last minutes cancellation affects our staff’s schedule and their wages, our schedule, travel and preparation cost, and possibly other customer’s schedule.



Notify your neighbours once you make a booking


Once you make a booking with us, it is your responsibility to notify your neighbours (side, back, front and any neighbouring properties which could get affected by tree works) of date of scheduled tree works for possible machinery noise, dust/saw dust, possible limited access on part of the street, and any other possible inconveniences while the work is undertaken.  We appreciate your understanding of importance of you communicating with your neighbours to avoid any issues and thank you for your cooperation with this matter.  If you are sharing cost with neighbour, please communicate and sort out payment arrangement with your neighbour before making a booking and advise us of details upon booking.  We have to ask you, as a representative, to collect shared cost from your neighbour before job date so that we can collect total amount from you (we only deal with one person to finalise payment).



Neighbour’s tree


If the tree you want to get work done is in neighbour’s property, please communicate with your neighbour before arranging quote.  It will cause more problems if you arrange quote without communicating with your neighbour and just provide your neighbour with quote.  Consent form which includes confirmation of payer/s is required upon booking if tree location is in neighbour’s property.



Reschedule or cancellation by us


Under unforeseen circumstances which could prevent us from carrying out job safely (e.g. wet weather*, strong winds*, extreme heat*, emergency job bookings such as storm damage, sudden illness or injury of arborist and staff, sudden resignation of staff, native/protected animals found in the tree during the job which need to be removed professionally, unforeseen machinery problem  etc.), sometimes we reluctantly have to postpone, reschedule or cancel your booking.  This rarely happens but happened in the past.  We understand you make a special arrangement for us on the day of the booking to let us have access to get the job done, however it is very important for us to be able to carry out job safely.  If the unforeseen circumstances happen and we have no other choices than rescheduling or cancelling your booking, we will advise you as soon as possible and consult you for rescheduling date where possible.  We try our best not to affect your booking, however if this unfortunately happens to your booking, we would really appreciate your understanding and support.


*Wet weather and strong winds, or extreme weather such as extreme heat, could affect ability to climb trees or use machinery safely, and affect performing tree felling or bringing down trees/branches in safe manners. These conditions also could affect performing works under Work Health and Safety regulations. Wet weather could soften ground more than usual which could lead to unexpected damage underground or surroundings.  We will advise you and reschedule if we suspect any conditions that could affect carrying out work safely.  We cannot be responsible for any loss (e.g. your time, your wages due to be away from your workplace etc.) upon rescheduling or cancellation, and any damage caused when we advised and recommended rescheduling or cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances, but you did not agree and still asked us to carry out the job.  Please note that we are fully insured with $10 million public liability.  A copy of certificate of currency is available if requested.


Council approval – Protected vegetation


If you think your property may have protected vegetation or you are not sure about it, you as a land owner must contact your local council to confirm if your land has any protected vegetation and apply for permit if necessary.  If we suspect the tree you would like to get work on requires council approval, we will ask you if you have permit and produce approval or reference number given by council to you for our record, and if not, we must ask you to obtain one prior to the requested job can be commenced.  If you are not sure, please ask us about it upon quote, and please contact your local council about protected vegetation and find out whether you need a permit.  We can check status of protected vegetation with council at the time of quote when necessary.  If you need an approval and not get one before tree work is done, owner could get prosecuted which comes with an expensive fine, and possible replanting (more than what you cut down!) so please make sure you check with your local council.  We follow council regulations and communicate with council when needed so that both our customers and we have no problem with carrying out tree work.


Notes for Stump grinding


Stump grindings are left on site to backfill the hole.  If you are not sure what stump grinding jobs look like upon completion, please see our website “NJPS in Action” page for photos of past stump grinding jobs which would give you a better idea. Taking away excessive cutting from stump grinding (after backfill the hole) will incur extra cost.  Although we carry out works with extreme caution and care, NJPS Tree Service takes no responsibilities for damage caused to any underground fixtures that may be unknowingly damaged in the stump grinding process.


Machinery track marks and weight


Use of machinery could make temporary track marks on ground. (depending on where machinery need to be taken in your property.)    Level of machinery track marks would depend on ground conditions, which could be affected by weather, location & surroundings (sun/shade situation), moisture held and so forth. NJPS Tree Service takes no responsibility for machinery track marks made on ground and grass/lawn or any damages caused by machinery track marks and its weight.


Before work commencement on the day


Please ensure there are no cars or other obstacles parked or left where and around the area we are going to work on, and access point between tree area to where machinery is parked. If you have locked gates which we need an access through, please leave it unlocked for an access. Also, please make sure your pets are kept in a safe place as we will need an access in & out of your yard during the work.

If possible, we prefer to meet you on site on the day of the job prior to commencement so that we can go through details of works to be carried out as quoted.  If this is not possible, we will follow what we quoted.


After work is completed


We have to ask you to check the job completed on site before we leave site at the time of payment.  If you cannot be at present on site upon completion, we will send you some photos of work completed.  Please check the completed job on the day if you cannot be at present upon completion. We are confident in what we do, but if you need to discuss about completed job, we have to ask you to contact us on the day of completion or next day by phone to our office on 0400 264 028We cannot accept a request to fix our work if you do not contact us within a day of completion.  Also, we cannot accept a request to fix our work if we think your request is not reasonable or not within the job agreed and discussed as per quote.  If your request is additional work (not the work quoted), additional fees apply.


Other renovation projects


If you have other renovation projects going on such as painting, building, landscaping, or any major renovation, please make sure you plan well so that other renovation projects do not affect tree work or vice versa.  If you plan to paint externally, we strongly recommend that tree work gets carried out before paining work to avoid any damages to new paint.  If you plan to remove tree and put new turf or get landscaping done, it is best to get tree work done before them.  If you plan to have other renovation project at or around the same time as tree work, please speak with us before making a booking.  We cannot be responsible for any damage to your other renovation projects if you have tree works and other projects to be carried out on the same day or if you have new external paint and did not allow enough time to completely dry before tree works.  For external paining, we must ask you to carry out tree works before painting job.




Our preferred method of communication is by phone, and email if communication needs to be in writing.  Text messages are used when we cannot get through to customers by phone call and used for reconfirmation of appointment or booking.


We have experienced some customers communicate with us in unacceptable manners such as speaking rudely when we cannot schedule quote visit or booking to mutually suitable date/time, threatening us on job completion to avoid payment, intimidating during work for job not listed in quote, false accusation to receive discount or avoid payment, bribing to do work which is against regulations, ignoring our communication and so forth.  We do not accept any of unacceptable attitude by customer to us.  We try our best to communicate with customers in friendly, politely, respectful and helpful manners and we expect the same in return so that we can complete tree work safely and satisfactory, and you have a great outcome.