Services & Areas

Services & Areas

NJPS Tree Service
Quality Arboricultural Services – Tree pruning (Tree lopping) & Tree removal
Professional Arboricultural advice – Arboricultural assessment, report &
Level 5 consulting
By a Qualified Arborist
Brisbane inner suburbs to south

Tree Removal & Tree Planting

NJPS Tree Service specialise in providing exceptional quality tree removal and tree planting services. Our highly skilled, professional Arborist has a wealth of knowledge, experience and technique in assessing status of trees and removing trees safely with great care. Our experienced, skilled climber and licenced Elevated platform operator prides himself on providing exceptional quality and safe tree removal services. As a qualified arborist, Tree removal service is offered when considered necessary and within legislation, subject to species, tree’s health & safety status, property zoning, amenity value, landscape character, environmental & ecological benefits and other factors.

For tree removal quote, please use our enquiry form via Contact page to send the images of entire trees and address.  By receiving information about the tree and location, it will help us to offer necessary advice prior to arranging a site visit for quote.

Our arborist can also offer a comprehensive Tree Planting service to produce pleasant and relatively easy to maintain green environment.

For more information about our Tree removal or comprehensive Tree planting service, please call our office to request further information.

Tree Pruning (Tree Lopping)

NJPS Tree Service have extensive experience in tree trimming and pruning services. Our arborist is specialised in Tree Pruning (Tree lopping, Tree trimming, Tree shaping) which requires techniques and understanding of trees. We also offer pruning of protected vegetation in accordance with council permit and requirements. Pruning requires special knowledge and skills. Trees can be pruned to be trained, managed and maintained correct, which will add value to the property visibly and enhance tree’s health, safety and environmental & ecological benefits.
Our experienced climber can bring down dangerous branches in high position safely with special technique. Trimming and pruning are carried out by either specialised climbing methods or licensed cherry picker operation.

NJPS Tree Service, operated by a qualified arborist, does not promote “lopping” the tree. Lopping or Topping is not considered as acceptable practice (unless considered necessary), which will lead to various problems, which our arborist can explain further upon inspection. Trees have to be pruned by correct methods to maintain structural integrity and to be retained healthy and safely. Improper pruning can cause damage or affect tree’s life. All works are carried out in accordance with the Australian standard for tree pruning (AS4373 – 2007 Pruning of Amenity Trees). For more information about our specialised Tree pruning service , please call our office to request further information.

Stump grinding, Woodchipping & Specialised machinery work

NJPS Tree Service offers stump grinding, woodchipping and specialised machinery work in Brisbane suburbs. Our experienced Arborist has the skills and equipment necessary to carry out stump grinding, woodchipping and specialised machinery work.  Our stump grinding service is usually offered in conjunction with tree removal and woodchipping service is usually available in conjunction with tree removal or tree pruning. (Subject to size/scale if woodchipping service is solely required.)  We have different types of woodchippers for standard woodchipping and specialised woodchipping to suit area, access and purpose.  Specialised machinery work includes levelling, ground prep, mechanical weed/vegetation control, backyard clearing, tree removal by use of crane, and other works which require use of special machinery.

For more information about our Stump grinding, Woodchipping and specialised machinery work, please call our office to request further information.

Level 5 Arboricultural consulting, Tree Assessment & Arborist report

As a qualified Arboricultural service provider, NJPS Tree Service offers Arboricultural consulting services. Services include Arborist report, Tree assessment, permit/compliance related assistance, and site supervision/certification. We can advise and assist permit applications. Our arborist holds both AQF Level 5 (consulting level arborist) and AQF Level 3 (practical trade level arborist), which means our arborist understands trees and has dealt with many different cases of variety of tree species over years. His practical experience and knowledge enable us to offer comprehensive assessment and advice to our clients. This is one of the strengths that Arborist at NJPS Tree Service can offer to you. For more information about our Tree Assessment, Arborist report and Level 5 consulting service, please call our office to request further information.

Our Complete Range Of Services:

  • Tree Pruning (Tree lopping)
  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Shaping
  • Tree Felling
  • Tree planting (minimum requirements apply)
  • Council permitted works on protected vegetation


  • Palm Tree Cleaning
  • Palm Tree Removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Levelling, Ground prep
  • Mechanical weed/vegetation control
  • Backyard clearing
  • Woodchipping
  • Tree management
  • Tree Assessment
  • Arboricultural Consultation
  • Arborist Report
  • Council permit/compliance related consultation
  • Development site supervision/certification

(*Please enquire types of assessment, consultation and report available.)

Our Service Area:

NJPS Tree Service delivers our Arboricultural services (tree services) to below areas and surroundings. Please contact us to find out if we can service your area. (Service area may vary depending on the type of service.)

Brisbane suburbs: Brisbane inner suburbs, Brisbane Eastern suburbs, Brisbane southern suburbs – please enquire if we can service your area.

Out of Brisbane council area: Please enquire.