About Us

NJPS Tree Service
Quality Arboricultural Services – Tree pruning (Tree lopping) & Tree removal
Professional Arboricultural advice – Arboricultural assessment, report &
Level 5 consulting
By a Qualified Arborist
Brisbane inner suburbs to south

NJPS Tree Service

NJPS Tree Service is a registered tree services company with over 15 years experience and is servicing Brisbane inner suburbs to south. The company specialises in comprehensive arboricultural services (tree services), servicing a broad range of residential and commercial clients.

“We provide exceptional quality workmanship, comprehensive advice and high level of customer services to a broad range of clients.”

Our arborist is specialised in Tree Pruning, which requires techniques and knowledge & understanding of trees, to enhance tree’s value, health and safety for environmental and ecological benefits. Our extensive tree services include not only Tree pruning (in accordance with the Australian standard), but also tree removal (subject to species and conditions), tree shaping, stump grinding, wood chipping, specialised machinery work (levelling, ground prep, mechanical weed/vegetation control and more), council approved protected vegetation works (in accordance with council permit and requirements), tree planting (minimum size and number apply), tree assessment, tree management, arborist report, and Level 5 arboricultural consulting (council permit related consulting, supervision/certification). NJPS Tree Service provides complete tree services, with a key focus on providing high quality, environmentally beneficial tree services delivered in safe manners, and comprehensive professional assessment and advice for arboricultural consulting and arborist report. Our previous and current clients are residential property owners, boutique real estate agencies and landlords, shopping centres, schools and universities, body corporates, commercial and industrial complexes, aged care facilities, accommodations, tourism facilities, insurance agencies, builders and developers, infrastructure companies, just to name a few. NJPS Tree Service is fully insured as an Arborist/Arboricultural service provider, and fully qualified as an Arborist (both AQF Level 5 consulting arborist level and AQF Level 3 trade practical arborist level), ensuring we can undertake practical projects safely and effectively, and can offer professional arboricultural assessment and advice through extensive knowledge, experience and understanding of tree status and legislations. You can deal with our owner operator, who is a qualified arborist (AQF Level 5 & AQF Level 3) and a member of Queensland Arboricultural Association.

If you are looking for an established, Arborist owned and operated tree services company that can undertake both practical and consulting tree services, in a high-quality and professional manner, with a focus to enhance a green environment by managing and protecting trees, then look no further than NJPS Tree Service.

Why choose NJPS Tree Service?

A Qualified Arborist with extensive practical experience, techniques, and arboricultural consultation knowledge.

Our arborist aims to assist to enhance a green environment by managing & protecting trees and working with trees to bring their best.

  • Local Australian registered small business.
  • Qualified Arborist. Experience plus a holder of Nationally recognised Arboriculture training qualifications (AQF Level 5 consulting arborist level and AQF Level 3 trade practical arborist level).
  • Our Arborist can deliver both practical trade level tree work and level 5 consultation from practical point of view.
  • Over 15 years arboriculture & horticulture experience.
  • You deal with an owner operator for both practical tree work and arboricultural consulting.
  • Fully insured as an Arborist. Public liability, Professional indemnity, Work cover, and commercial machinery & vehicles insurances.
  • Quality workmanship.
  • High level of customer service.
  • Many repeat and referral clients.
  • Equipped, experienced & skilful technique to carry out tree works safely.
  • We understand and follow legislations.
  • We understand different arboricultural needs for city and regional environments.
  • We understand tree health, condition, form, structure, impact and best possible methods to protect and retain trees or techniques to remove trees to avoid future hazard.
  • An experienced office staff/assistant to arborist, who has 30+ years’ experience in variety of office operations and arborist’s assistant, to answer your call and respond to your email enquiry.
  • Credit card & EFTPOS available.
  • Queensland Arboricultural Association Qualified Member.
  • QTRA (Quantified Tree Risk Assessment) registered business.