Seeking quote for tree removal? Importance of site visit to get an accurate quote to avoid unexpected bill after the job.

At NJPS Tree Service, we visit site to give you an accurate quote!  We do not charge you more than quoted price after the job! 

Have you experienced that you receive an unbelievably cheap quote, so you book the contractor and find yourself getting charged more than what was quoted?  Have you experienced that tree removal quote was done only over the phone without actual site visit, and got much bigger bill after the job?


If it sounds too good to be true, it is usually too good to be true!


At NJPS Tree Service, it is very important for us to communicate with customers very well from start, and we always visit site so that we can give you an accurate quote.  Price is all depending on type of tree, status of tree, location of tree, access & surrounding situation, size, number, amount of green waste produced from removal, method we have to use to remove safely, equipment, climbable, and what you need.  Basically, without looking at actual trees and find out exactly what you want and how you want to be done, it is not possible to give you an accurate quote.  So, if some tree service provider just gives you a price over the phone, you have to be very careful because there could be a chance to be charged more than what’s quoted when job completed.


We usually produce a written quote (unless you requested otherwise) upon site visit.  With NJPS Tree Service, you do not have to worry about any chance of price increase upon completion of the job.  You will pay what we quoted, no big surprise at the end of job!  If extra work is needed or requested in addition to what’s quoted, we will talk with you first and arrange another quote for the extra work and only if you agree, we will carry out the additional work. 


NJPS Tree Service is a fully insured operator with public liability insurance cover up to $10 million.  We are a registered professional business with pride and experience.  We are small family business and we offer friendly and dedicated service to customers.


If you have any dangerous branches or trees to trim or remove, palm tree to clean or remove, need tree trimming on high tree, stump grinding, light land clearing or garden clean up, call NJPS Tree Service today on 0400 264 028 at office or Nick on 0408 983 747.